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OH THAT SNEAKY CAMEL. Like a ninja he sneaks into the dojo where sweet cream and Madagascar vanilla train tirelessly. But he's not here to do battle, he just came to share his secret: Perique pipe tobacco blended with rich caramel. Now this flavor is stronger than ever & tastes like it means business!


Struggling to find your favorite flavor? A blend of Bavarian Cream, Wildflower honey, and Grecian Tobacco will make you see the light. After trying Gold you'll never want to put down your vape again.


A delicious blend of graham cracker, cinnamon, banana nut bread, with a king coconut drizzle. Add in the perfect balance of Cavendish tobacco and you have your new all day vape.

South Beach 

Did we have the same dream last night? You know, the one where cherries and blackberries come together with the almonds and bavarian cream to make the most delicious burley tobacco blend ever created?


It's Packed full of sugar cookies, the butterscotch, pistachio, and vanilla can barley be contained! In fact, there's so much GOODNESS in this flavor we considered developing titanium bottles for safety!


Let's talk about a love that will never fade. Fall hard for this Kentucky Bourbon and toasted Marcona Almonds blended with just he right amount of Cavendish!