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Pop That Kitty




Mr. Mixx /  Icee Mr. Mixx ❄️


In Japan and England, a black cat is a sign of good luck. Even more surprising is that anytime kiwis, and berries get together it's a sign of great taste!


Luke Sky / Icee Luke Sky ❄️


A cat once ran for mayor in 2013 and although he didn't win, this tropical fruit mix will make you feel like you're in charge.


Fresh Kid / Fresh Kid Icee ❄️


Cats can run 3mph faster than Usain Bolt. That's almost as fast as I run when I'm grabbing this fruit mix!


Brother Marquis / Brother Marquis Icee ❄️


Cats spend 75% of their day sleeping, lucky for you, you're not a cat so you won't be caught sleeping on this sweet blue raspberry mix.



E-Juice Disclaimer




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