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Green House

Green House E-Liquid:
Delivering the effects you desire. Offered in three different strengths (50mg, 250mg, 500mg), and two delicious flavors - a melon-fruit blend and cream custard - Green House is guaranteed to satisfy your senses. Our liquid is completely emulsified. That means NO clouds, NO particles, and NO oil swirls. A tried and tested quality product to the exact strength listed on the the bottle, we use 99.9% CERTIFIED PURE CBD Crystal Isolate.
Harvest: Harvested and cured Madagascar vanilla beans accent home-made custard cream in this concoction. Pure and perfectly-balanced, this flavor profile is smooth, sweet, and soothing.
Solar: Inhale and unwind on a warm Summer night. Enjoy the fruits of the harvest with a delicious blend of sweet nectarines, ripe watermelon, and luscious acai berries.

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