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Device Review: Itaste VV

Posted by Sergio Valdez on


The Itaste VV is sleek, smooth, and simple in design. It is very sturdy, so it can easily be transported while you're on the go. The squared shape allows for extra security so it does not roll off your desk or table. It features variable voltage and variable wattage which provides you with great taste and decent cloud production. The LED display gives you a visible screen that allows you to easily see your voltage/wattage settings, puff counter, and ohm reader. It also includes a bottom feeding charger, which allows you to vape while the device is charging. Overall, the Itaste VV is great for beginners who are looking for an elegant vaping device to fulfill their vaping needs.



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Pair your Itaste VV with a Kanger T2 Clearomizer or a Kanger Protank Mini

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