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Device Review: Ego C Twist

Posted by Hansel Delacruz on

Joyetech has been hooking up people who are new to the vape game for a minute now so it's about time we give you our take on the Ego C-Twist 650.

The 650 is a great device to get started on. It's easy to use and maintain, light and portable, and extremely customizable. Between the different textures and colors, its compatibility with various tanks and accessories, the styles are endless. Unlike larger vapes, the Ego C-Twist has a compact look and provides discreet vaping for discerning public eyes.


If you're looking to blow clouds this device will get you there and is definitely enough for a new vaper to have some fun with.

Jezelle recommends the Ego C-Twist 650 to new vapers and we have to agree 100%!

Device: Joyetech Ego C-Twist 650
Review Date: 09-26-2013
Reviewed By: Jezelle Z.
Written By: Marg T.

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