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Mod Review: The Dominus Mod

Posted by Hansel Delacruz on

What's up vape community! Planet of the Vapes will be presenting you with another brand new heavy hitter, the Dominus by Dominus Mods! This stainless steel mod is sleek with maximum airflow and great performance. A perfect addition to anyone's vape collection.

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The Dominus design has been powered by function, providing you with a versatile mod that looks and feels as great as it performs! Presented to you in its’ 18650 mode, the sleek, stainless steel Dominus mod easily breaks down to house your choice of an 18650, 18490, or an 18350 battery. Similar to serving different purposes, both the 18490 and 18650 extensions are different in appearance; allowing you the option of placement. Since the Dominus can be broken down, the raised rings can be repositioned in whichever place that’s most comfortable for you.
The Dominus’ top cap has a 510 connection, with a unique air-hole design that has been perfectly spaced around the cap to increase airflow and performance with bottom fed accessories. The connections in both the bottom and top caps are made of brass; but the positive pin is adjustable for ease of use with different attachments. The bottom cap has a spring loaded, self adjusting negative pin to eliminate battery rattle, and remain fully functioning at all times. The bottom cap also has air-holes that match the top caps’, allowing the battery to breathe and not get too hot.
Planet of the Vapes will be releasing the Dominus Mod very soon. Stay tuned for an exclusive release date.

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