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Guest Spotlight: Joe Yupper

Posted by Hansel Delacruz on


Joe Yupper is a familiar face at POTV and it's always a good time when he rolls through. You can usually find him lounging on one of the couches hanging out with the crew. Joe took up vaping when a buddy of his hooked him up with a twist and now his collection has grown. You name it and this guy's probably got it. Chi You, Diablo, MVP, a couple of Evics, a handful of Ego's, a decked out Bagua with Arrow, Zen clone, Cavali clone, Stainless Steel King, KTS, and the list goes on - Yup, he means business.

"Vape is a way of life. It's learning and creating. Making friends. Finding the common thing that brings people together." - Joe Yupper


We couldn't have said it better.

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