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[Device Review] LE80 by Lotus

Posted by Valerie Bassi on

Review By: Tida Phommavong [Planet of The Vapes - Roseville] LE80 by Lotus Build Quality: ★★★★ Looks: ★★★★★ Features: ★★★★ Performance: ★★★★★ Price: ★★★★★ Packaging: Comes in a nice matte black box with a chromed out LE80 Logo on the top. When opened, the mod is encased in a firm foam wall so that the mod will not move around and get scratched and a piece of paper with user instructions for easy vaping. Design: The outer design of the LE80 has a feeling that you will never get tired of. It has a nice soft outer shell that no other mod has. The inside of it is...

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