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[Device Review] LE80 by Lotus

Posted by Valerie Bassi on

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LE80 by Lotus
Lotus LE80
Build Quality: ★★★★
Looks: ★★★
Features: ★★
Performance: ★★★
Price: ★★★
Packaging: Comes in a nice matte black box with a chromed out LE80 Logo on the top. When opened, the mod is encased in a firm foam wall so that the mod will not move around and get scratched and a piece of paper with user instructions for easy vaping.
Design: The outer design of the LE80 has a feeling that you will never get tired of. It has a nice soft outer shell that no other mod has. The inside of it is very clean. No wires are hanging out anywhere. The firing button is located at an angle on the top so it gives a nice comfortable feeling whenever you fire it.
Build Quality: The build quality is awesome. Like I said, the inside of the mod where the batteries lay is super clean. The only downside that I can see is that the soft outer shell of the mod does get chipped easily.
Performance: The performance is amazing. It's a variable voltage device that can go up to 6 Volts and down to 3.3 Volts. You can also build up to 5.0 Ohms or down to .2 Ohms. The switch on the side are what control the mod: Middle is off, Up is how many volts the mod is putting out, and Down is the battery life of your mod. There is also a dial that you can turn up or down depending how much power you want.
Overall Thoughts: This mod is awesome! The price of it is crazy, because you can put out a massive amount of power even if it does only go down to .2 Ohms. It looks, good, feels great, and vapes even better.
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